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About the Memorial

new-crosses-at-fallen-hoosier-memorialIn 2009, as the numbers of our Fallen Heroes continued to increase, they broke ground on my present location, 401 N Union St here in Westfield. Then, June 14, 2009 they dedicated me to our Gold Star Mothers and Families of Indiana in the most beautiful ceremony. Now, as we are in the 13th year of these Wars, with my present design I again have outgrown the land where I have stood so proudly all these years.

My board members are at a crossroads in that they are patiently waiting on the City of Westfield to finalize their plans for their Grand Junction which could include the land where I stand today. Until they come to my board with their plans my board is working diligently with what funds they have to keep me in the best shape possible for our Gold Star Families, however, they cannot do it alone. We need all Hoosiers to help to spread the word and reach out to our Indiana Gold Star Families, Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans so they will know of my existence and that we need their help and input to design and rebuild their Memorial. My board is also meeting with city, state, Veteran Organizations and business leaders asking for their help in spreading the word about my need to be rebuilt. As the word spreads across this great state, my board members hope that someone out there with the proper business and 501C3 non-profit knowledge will hear about me and my need for their expertise and join my board. With the proper direction and design, I will have plenty of room for my Gold Star Mothers, Families and Friends to come and visit our Fallen Heroes.

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Come visit the Memorial in Westfield!

Come any time to visit the Memorial in Westfield!
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On April 1st, 2009 The Fallen Hoosiers Heroes Memorial Committee broke ground on the permanent site for this memorial at

401 N. Union St.
Westfield, IN 46074

We officially dedicated this Memorial on Flag Day, Sunday June 14th, 2009 in memory of our Fallen Heroes.

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